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How I Make This Stuff:

All of my glass creations are made at the torch. I currently use a GTT Phantom, which is a surface mix propane/oxygen torch. I also have a Hot Head and a Minor Burner.

My beads are made on stainless steel rods called ‘mandrels.’ The mandrels are first dipped in ‘bead release’ (a low-fire clay), before meeting the molten glass. Bead release keeps the molten glass from sticking to the mandrel and allows for easy removal of the final product after it’s been annealed and cooled.

The glass I use comes in rods of many different colors. A glass rod is heated in the torch until it begins to melt, and then it is applied to the mandrel. I can also add different colors and shape the glass at this time.

When I’m satisfied with the final product, it is placed into the annealing oven where it is gradually cooled (this reduces stress on the glass).

Marbles are made in the same way, with the exception that a mandrel is not used at all. I use a stainless steel or glass rod called a ‘punty’ to hold a marble while it is being made, and to make a marble round I use a marble mold.

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Updated 07/17/2004

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