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All beads are made by hand (by me!) in the flame of a Phantom oxygen/propane torch and are fully kiln-annealed for superior strength and durability. I am happy to fill custom special orders and do bulk discounts and wholesale agreements (provided that you have a resale number). Please note that as my glass beads are individually made by hand, no two are exactly alike; they can be close, however. The sizes listed below are taken from samples in inventory at the time this webpage was created and are to be used as examples only. All sizes listed are in inches.

Flounce Beads Some of my favorite beads to make are these - what I like to call ‘Flounce’ beads. These beads are very free-form and are truly one of a kind. Molten glass is spun on the mandrel and allowed to take on a life of its own. Occasionally, openings will even appear in the beads at the time of their creation (a natural occurrence). You will notice that some of the flounces are split down the middle - these have gone on to be incorporated as ‘leaves’ in flower-inspired jewelry, while others, because of their petal-like appearance, have been used as the blossoms. Other flounce designs - especially those flounces with a base, or ‘neck’ - have gone on to become fairy dresses, and still others have been used as buttons. And I've even learned from a purchaser that these beads make excellent “Chihuly”-style dollhouse chandeliers! Flounce beads can be made to order in any combination of Effetre (Moretti) glass colours. (Want them even fancier? I have been known to use glow-in-the-dark powders, so the beads can ‘light up’ as well!)


Regular flounce beads are made on a 3/32" mandrel, and their sizes vary from ¾" to 1-7/16" in diameter and 5/16" to 7/8" tall. Prices: $8.50 - $18.00 ea.

Necked Flounces

‘Necked’ flounce beads are created on a 3/32" mandrel and come in the same sizes as the regular flounce beads, with necks ranging from 5/16" to 25/32". Prices: $15.00 - $18.00 ea.

Split Flounces

‘Split’ flounce beads are made on a 3/32" mandrel. They vary from 1-9/32" to 1-13/64" in diameter and are 15/16" to 1" tall. Price: $15.00 ea.

Double Flounces Double flounce beads are made on a 3/32" mandrel. They are similar to the regular flounce design but have two flounces instead of just one, with the flounces either facing each other or appearing to be ‘nested.’ Double flounces that face each other vary from 1-3/16" to 1-3/8" in diameter and 1-9/32" tall. Nested double flounce beads vary in size from 1-5/32" to 1-7/32" in diameter and 5/8" to ¾" in height. Prices: $20.00 - $25.00 ea.

Mini Flounces

Mini flounce beads are created on a 1/16" mandrel using the same varieties of Moretti glass colours (including glow-in-the-dark powders on request). They vary in size from 7/16" to 7/8" in diameter and 3/16" to 9/32" tall. Price: $2.50 ea.


Spacer Beads These are some of the smallest and most delicate handmade spacer beads you’ll find anywhere. They vary in size from ¼" to 3/8" in diameter (on 3/32" mandrels) to 5/32" to 5/16" in diameter (on 1/16" mandrels). Beads of either mandrel size vary from 3/32" to 3/16" thick and are made from every colour of the Moretti glass rainbow! Price: $1.00 ea. Glow-in-the-dark spacer beads are available, too (made on either 1/16" or 3/32" mandrels). Price: $2.00 ea.

Bodacious Goddess Beads

Bodacious Goddess Beads View them horizontally and they look positively ‘Orca-ish’, don’t they? My partner dubs them ‘Yummy Fat Goddesses’ but I'll just say, “Have a whale of a time with these goddess beads.” These colourful beads are made ‘off mandrel,’ meaning that they are beads with loops instead of mandrel-created holes, and loop sizes may vary. The bead sizes vary from 31/32" x 7/16" to 1-17/32" x 19/32". Price: $10.00 ea.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug Beads Another popular item! My lady bug beads come in two ‘flavours’ (well, our cat may argue with that -- ;-)): large and small. The large ones are created on a 3/32" mandrel; the small ones on a 1/16" mandrel. Large sizes vary from 3/8" x 11/32" x 9/32" to 11/16" x 23/32" x 13/32"; small sizes from ¼" x 9/32" x 7/32" to 7/16" x 13/32" x 5/16". Prices: $7.50 ea. (large), $5.00 ea. (small)


Frog Beads Moretti glass comes in a variety of greens, and these frog beads are made from them all. They are made on a 3/32" mandrel and vary in size from 15/32" x 19/32" x 13/32" to 11/16" x 11/16" x 15/32". Prices: $7.50 ea.

Marble Beads

Marble Beads Marble beads are simply marbles with glass loops and are made from clear glass with colour stripes running around the diameter. One of the nice things about these beads is that you can wear them in such a way that the colour showing, or with the colour to the side so you are looking in the clear “lens”. The clear lens magnifies whatever fabric the bead is worn against. Marble beads come in both large and small sizes, large sizes varying from 5/8" to 11/16" diameter with a 3/16" loop, small sizes varying from 7/16" to 9/16" in diameter with a 3/16" loop. All are made ‘off mandrel.’ Prices: $10.00 ea. (large), $8.00 ea. (small)

Red Hat Ladies

Red Hat Ladies Show that you are proud to be a Red Hat Lady! These are probably my most popular ‘face’ beads. They are created on a 3/32" mandrel and the hair color can be custom ordered in various shades of grey. Some of these Red Hat Ladies even have earrings! Sizes vary from ¾" x ¾" to 15/16" x 7/8". Price: $20.00 ea.


Witches Another favorite! I’d like to say these are spooky witches, but just look at them - not spooky; not even ugly! But definitely cute! All are created on a 3/32" mandrel and sizes vary from ¾" x ¾" to 1" x 15/16". Hair color can be custom ordered. Price: $20.00 ea.


Santas “Here comes Santa bead, here comes Santa bead….” Just in time for Christmas, too! These cute Santas are created on a 3/32" mandrel and sizes vary from 5/16" x ¾" to ¾" x 13/16". Price: $20.00 ea.


Cats Why do these cute kitties look like they’re hanging on a windowscreen? Because that was the only way I could get our cat to pose for them! Made on 3/32" mandrels, these cat beads come in three parts: a head bead (9/16" x 7/16"), a collar bead (5/16" x 1/8"), and a body bead (9/16" x 13/16"). Prices: $15.00 ea. (head), $15.00 ea. (body), and $2.00 ea. (collar), or $30.00 for the set.

Flat Focal Beads

Flat Focal Beads These beautiful focal beads have been squashed flat into lentil-like shapes that highlight their glorious colour combinations. Each is made with a swirl of colour and a dash of dichroic in a clear colour casing. Dichroic glass has a spectacular sparkle that must be seen to be believed! Some of these focal beads have an additional swirl of copper mesh or real silver inside; some have even been etched. Colors and additional elements can be specified to order. Made on a 3/32" mandrel, sizes vary from 7/8" x 9/32" x 11/32" to 1-1/2" x 1-19/32" x 11/32". Price: $20.00 ea.

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